In its annual Environmental Sustainability Report, Just Salad announced new steps to eliminate waste from fast-casual dining and support the Circular Economy. 

  • Announced a partnership with research scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, Tulane University + Harvard University to study the effects of its carbon labels on consumer behavior

  • Provided a preliminary carbon footprint comparison of the Reusable Bowl versus disposable bowls, estimating that the environmental benefits of the Reusable Bowl vs. a disposable bowl are achieved after as few as four uses

  • Estimated waste prevention from its REDUCE & REUSE programs apart from the Reusable Bowl -- including Utensil Reduction, Bagless Pickup & Checkout, and Bag Size Reduction -- to be 50,000 pounds annually

  • Called on policymakers + customers to support its efforts to accelerate the transition to a net-zero world, following the exponential roadmap framework
  • Reiterated the waste management challenges posed by disposable gloves

  • Outlined new supplier standards related to packaging sustainability

  • Discussed its efforts to cut energy usage by 25% or more by partnering with Budderfly, an Energy Efficiency as a Service provider

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Office workers can order Just Salad in a Reusable Bowl, pick it up at their office’s Just Salad Hub, and drop it off the same day. Just Salad will pick up the containers same-day for washing and sanitation.

Just Salad also shared the following 
in its Sustainability Report:

Zero Waste Hub

Starting in 2021, Just Salad will digitize its Reusable Bowl program to service pickup and delivery customers. Under this program, which is currently in beta testing at select stores, guest can order online in a Reusable Bowl and drop it off ata Just Salad store for washing & sanitation. 

Reusable Bowl Program

Released February 22, 2021